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The Center for Settlements and Mediation at Sofia Regional Court and Sofia City Court  (CSM) was created and is operating under the "Settlements" Program of Sofia Regional Court and Sofia City Court.

The program was initiated by "MEDIATION-YOUR DECISION" – a project financed by Bulgaria Fund of the U.S. Agency for International Development and German Marshal Fund through Balkan Trust for Democracy. The project was implemented by Sofia Regional Court and the Professional Association of Mediators in Bulgaria (PAMB.) Their partners were: the European Association of Judges for Mediation (GEMME) and the Bulgarian-American Commission for Educational Exchange "Fulbright." In the implementation of the Program were involved Sofia Regional Court, PAMB, and the National Association of Mediators (NAM.) The Program was further developed through a grant of America for Bulgaria Foundation. In the Spring of 2011 Sofia City Court joined the Program.

  • March 2009 - mediation training of 15 trial judges
  • April-December 2009 - referral of cases among the judges trained for conducting settlement conferences
  • May-October 2009 - preparation of the Rules of Operation of the Center
  • October 2009 - selection of mediators
  • November-December 2009 - coordinator and office forhe Center
  • January 27,2010 - official opening
  • March 1,2010 - theCenter started operate
  • 2011 - Sofia City Court joined in
  • 2012 - further development, Rules for Selection of Mediators and Quality Assurance adopted.

The Center is operating through the volunteer work of mediators and judges who are organized in a Committee divided in two Subcommittees – Quality Assurance and Publicity. The Regional Court of Sofia provides one full paid court employee to coordinate the operation of the Center, an office for the coordinator, and two mediation rooms. Interns assist the coordinator, the Committee, and the Subcommittees.

The quality of mediation is quarantined by: careful selection of mediators; one day training of mediators selected; co-mediation; collection of feedback on mediators’ performance; analyzing team of mediators and judges to analyze the feedback collected and to propose measures to be taken in case of misconduct.  

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